by Josh Brister

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"Deserter" is Josh Brister's sophomore album. He's teamed up with Nick Smith at Dipping Vat Studios in Monticello, Mississippi. After the folky release of "Songs of Deliverance" recorded in a cabin on a lake, Brister brings a more Americana feel to the second release.


released January 20, 2015

Recorded by Nick Smith at Dipping Vat Studios in Monticello, MS
Mixed by Nick Smith
Mastered by Casey Combest at BlueSky Studios
Executive Producers: Nick Smith and Josh Brister

Nick Smith: Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Percussion, Keys
Topher Brown: Drums, BGV's
Brandt Parks: Drums, Percussion
Marvin Curtis: Keys, Organ
Josue Bea: Pedal steel
Josh Brister: Lead Vocals, BGV's, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica, Bass, Percussion, Keys
Album Artwork by Darren Kilford
Photography by Laura Meek

All songs written by Josh Brister



all rights reserved


Josh Brister Madrid, Spain

Joshua Luke Brister, 28, was born in New Orleans, but raised and reared in the unapologetic state of hospitality: Mississippi. The sounds created from this project are certain to contain the familiar pulses of worship, only now mixed with the soul that can only come from a place like Mississippi. ... more

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Track Name: Deserter
My story’s one of running
Cutting ties with everyone I’ve loved
I’m living out my Papaw’s westerns
I’m always riding off into some fiery sun
My bag gets lighter and lighter
My soul gets all fogged up
I find it hard to value anything
The more I reek of vagabonding
The more I see the differences between Him and me
He ain’t no deserter
He ain’t like me
He ain’t never thought of leaving
He don’t know what goodbye means
You ain’t gotta worry
What you’d do without Him
Be easy friend
He ain’t a deserter

We create a God that fits us
We box him up and hide him on a shelf
We dust him off when it’s convenient
But keep him far away when we don’t need his help
We cower behind religion
And all our million dollar buildings
Praying it’s enough to get us through
But when the levy gets to breaking
We realize it ain’t enough to hold onto

He ain’t no Judas
He ain’t like you and me
He ain’t never felt ashamed of us
He don’t know what 2 faced means
We ain’t gotta wonder where we’d be
If he gave us up
Walk tall friends
He ain’t no Judas
Track Name: Barefoot 'N Free
Naive as a poor man running for president
I boarded that bird, blindfolded youth
Too pumped to look back
Or maybe I didn’t give a damn
We’re all so selfish early on

Dreaming of dying young
Barefoot and free
Cruising that good time road
Loving only what I see
Pocketting all my cares
Life is all ‘bout me

Made it out to Spain where everybody just lets it be
Cerveza good and cold, where’s the fire?
My feet propped up high, I found a different side of me
It ain’t about your age, it’s a way of life

Dreaming of living young
Barefoot and free
Cruising that good time road
Loving only what I see
Pocketting all my cares
Life is all ‘bout me

A cantabro now where the rain don’t take siestas
It’s greener than an untouched cajun swamp
Alone writing songs dreaming of someone sweet
Waiting til my Scialfa sets me straight

Dreaming of dying old
Still barefoot and free
Far from that good time road
Loving more than what I see
Leaving my cares behind
All I need ain’t me
Track Name: High $ Heaven
Don’t know who went and said it
But many have accepted
That God is like a dirty politician
With those big fancy mansions
His High dollar heaven
He only looks out for rich people
While us poor sinners suffer
Barely make enough for supper
The government keeps coming back for more

But God is good
But misunderstood
He takes care of us all
No matter who calls
He always comes through
God Is Good

Someone started a rumor
That's gone and consumed us
That God's like an old angry ruler
Hobblin' round like a cripple
Yelling at all His people
It's bout near impossible to please Him
So we hide like little children
Always scared of getting a whippin'
Hoping that we won't make Him mad
Track Name: Euro Guru
Come early spring
The Ole Missers get to buzzing
Begging me for tips
Like I’m some Euro guru
I ain’t seen that much at all
But I do my best to help em
You see It’s more about getting lost
Than following google’s list to do
Go ahead, lose yourself
And make your own list to do

My eyes water up
When I see Barcelona listed
I try real hard to hide
What my heart wants to say
So I write all about the city
And La Sagrada Familia
But the truth is that’s the home
Of the only girl I’ve ever loved
Outside an old Irish pub
Is where I gave my heart to her

Sometimes I sit and wonder
Bout how she’s getting by
I know she’s living fine
Cuz she’s Catalana strong
So if you see a red headed beauty
With a smile made for movies
Could you tell her I ain’t forgot
All the good days we had
Help me out let her know
I promise never to forget
Track Name: Chunk of Wood
I hid my 6 string
Out back in my old shed
So tired of all the heart ache
That chunk of wood bred
I set off ‘cross that big pond
To start it all anew
Learned to do without her
Til I’s covered up in blue

We rip out our souls
To be somebody else
Just to breeze through life
The more we go on
Like that’s alright
The more America dies

I picked her back up
Just to fool around
Remembered all the good days
When we gigged all over town
I sang one of our old songs
Could barely sing a word
There’s something that feels right
Bout doing what you’re born to do

So tired of all the stories
Of young folks selling out
Believing in the bold lie
That comfort where it’s at
We’ve forgotten what’s important
Stability glorified
It’s leads us down a sad road
Where we’re dying slow inside
Track Name: Needing a Home
Everytime I come home
It gets harder to leave
Seems like the longer I’m gone
There’s a battle inside of me
I hate seeing Mama cry
It tears me apart
No I ain’t got the words to say
To get her to stop

I’m a man needing a home
I’m a man needing a home

I can think of a million whys
To stick around here
Find me a good southern wife
Have all kinds of kids
But that easy road’s selling lies
It ain’t all it seems
There’s something bout struggling
That sings me to sleep
Track Name: Home Sweet Home
My little sister said
Boy you just don’t know how good you got it
Sippin’ Spanish wine
With Paris just around the bend
I ain’t about to lie
I love to sip those itty bitty coffees
Sevilla’s nice
Madrid always does me right

But give me sweet tea
And dinner on the ground all day long
I’ll take Jackson
Over any weekend trip to Rome
Home Sweet Home
I know it sounds insane
But MS always hums my favorite songs

My cousin Emmer told me
You ain’t seen nothing til you’ve been to Egypt
Riding camel back
And sunsets that’ll make your beard fall out
I’m sure the desert’s nice
And all those creepy mummies must be something
Seeing the pyramids at dawn
And Ole Sphinxy staring down your soul

But give me crawfish
And weekends on the res all day long
I’ll take Oxford
Way before a trip to Mexico
Home sweet home
I know it sounds insane
But MS always hums my favorite songs
Track Name: No Longer a Slave
Break away the chains
Unlock this wretched cage
Get me out
Wash away the guilt
I always place myself
I need your help
Cover me in glory
Bathe me in Your peace
Fill me up
Take me ever closer
I want more of who you are Oh Lord

In you I’m free x 3
Where the spirit of the Lord is
There is freedom
I’m no longer a slave